2005 Spooky Awards


by bardsmaid

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I'm just a passenger on this crazy ride. Like a car with the steering wheel ripped out, I careen through the night, not knowing when I'll hit a wall. Can't stop. I can barely think.

Not me: we. I'm not alone. I've played the lackey before, but never like this, the tyrant burrowed into blood and muscle.

Two pinpoints of light ahead. A blinding flash shoots out around me. In the momentary brightness I make out towering, empty hallways and two freeze-framed guards. While I watch, their skin blooms from pale to pink to dark red. They crumple and fall, just like...

It's happened before.

A road, at night...


Mulder was there, too.

I fight the sludge in my brain, struggle to remember, but before I can swallow against the spasm in my throat, the thing inside me is yanking me down the pitch black hallway again, rushing toward something only it can see.


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Title: Silo
Author: bardsmaid
Details: 0k  ·  PG  ·  Specific Word Count  ·  01/03/06  ·   Email/Website    pending
Gossamer Category(Keywords): X-File  
Characters: Krycek  
SPOILERS: Piper Maru/Apocrypha
SUMMARY: He's not alone. He's definitely not in control.

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